Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Mr. Peevie and I coined a neologism last night. I was complimenting him on how he incorporates the best female characteristics into his persona without sacrificing his maleness--and we decided we needed a word for that.

It can't be "androgynous," because even though that word technically denotes "having both masculine and feminine characteristics," it also means "having an ambiguous sexual identity." We cannot having people thinking that Mr. Peevie is sexually ambiguous.

Similarly, it's definitely not "hermaphrodite", because the concept is not biological or reproductive--it has to do with psycho-social considerations.

We tried "codrogynous" and "bidrogynous," but we settled on "syndrogynous" because it incorporates the prefix "syn", evoking synergy and symbiosis.

Full disclosure: I googled the word "syndrogynous", and I got two hits on one document. Apparently a consultant in England used the word two years ago in a report. So when we start to rake in the cash and prizes for having coined such a useful term, we'll share the wealth with Dr. Dyer.

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