Monday, May 28, 2007

A Made-to-Order Day

What's not to like? I spent Memorial Day sleeping in (until 10 a.m.! Thanks, kids!), watching Firefly on DVD, gardening, and having an afternoon margarita or two.

The sun was shining; it was warm but not too hot.

Aside from the relentless demands from C. Peevie to take him to buy a video game, it was pretty much a made-to-order day.

For you gardeners out there, I decided to experiment with perennials in the front garden patch rather than the usual annuals. I planted echinacea, euphoria, nepeta (AKA catmint), salvia, and snow-on-the-mountain. (C. Peevie picked out the snow-on-the-mountain. He said, "Hey mom, remember what character and what book had snow-on-the-mountain in her garden?" I didn't. He reminded me: Atticus's neighbor, Mrs. Dubose, in To Kill a Mockingbird.)

Soon I'll post a picture. Stay tuned!

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