Thursday, May 24, 2007

"24" Finale, Finally.

How painful was "24" this year?

On a scale of pencil callous to amputation without anesthesia, I'd say it was not quite childbirth, but maybe in the range of apendicitis to anal fissure. (I'm sorry--was that too gross for your delicate sensibilities? This blog apologizes.)

OK, so we had the "24" finale this week. Finally. This season was like a pile-up on the Kennedy Expressway: painful, but you can't not look at it.

Here are links to my favorite recaps of the finale and other episodes: Dave Barry's 24 Blog: and Television Without Pity's hilarious and on-point (by point) recap at

(BTW, if you like TV, you might like TWOP's recaps of your favorite shows. Some of the recaps make me wet my pants, they are so hilarious.)

Here's what I liked about this season:

Kiefer (in handcuffs, stumbling out of the ocean, in black t-shirt and jeans, etc., etc.).
Vice President Darth Vader.
The character development of the Numbers guy.
No Kim Bauer.
Shooting and hand-to-hand combat.
Milo's Sudden Demise.
Kiefer's Evil Brother Dr. Romano.
Bill Buchanan and his little lady in the White House, Karen.

Here's what I didn't like about this season:

The plot that made no sense whatsoever.
CTU soap operatics.
Recycled plot-lines like the White House Staffer Unwittingly Sleeping With a Spy and The President Removed with a 25th Amendment Maneuver.
Everything being five minutes away from CTU or wherever Jack Bauer is.
Everything coming down to Jack's nephew. Huh?
Behroozed plot lines, like what ever happened to President Itzen?

I am addicted to "24". But after this season, I think I can be cured--unless TPTB (the powers that be) get new writers. It's not that they're bad writers--but they're done, they're tired, they're out of new ideas, and they need to work on Gilmore Girls or something a little less, well, "24."

Too bad Fox has already cancelled "Drive." It figures.

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