Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cats and pups

Another fine weekend comes to a close.

All three kids and I were piled up together on the couch on Friday night, watching TV. I don't know where Mr. Peevie was. We were watching Deal or No Deal. At least I think we were. It's hard to remember that far back.

Anyway, we were watching TV together, and talking and laughing and tickling each other. We would root for the contestant, and holler at the TV "Take the deal!" or "NO DEAL! NO DEAL!", and then she'd choose, and we'd groan and laugh some more. It was a no-pressure, not-profound, simple and beautiful slice of eternity.

I made fried catfish and homemade hush-puppies for dinner tonight. Sounds good, right? No such luck. Nobody liked either the cats or the pups very much. Well, I liked the pups a little bit, and the cats were OK, but it turns out that my childhood prejudice against eating bottom-feeders got reinforced by my tastebuds. Next time I'm sticking to salmon or tilapia.

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