Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Championship Play-by-Play

The Little League Coach has posted my story about The Big Game. Click on the link to read about the heart-stopping action and C. Peevie's Big Triple. I can't stop writing that. C. Peevie's triple. C. Peevie's triple. C. Peevie's triple.

And here's the story behind the triple: On vacation, we drove up to Craig's Cruisers in Holland, MI to play. Everyone except grandmom and granddad took at least one turn in the batting cages. They offered slow pitch and fast pitch softball, little league pitching at 40-50 mph, and major league pitching at 70-80 mph.

Uncle G-Man was the only one brave enough to swing in the majors, and he actually popped a few home runs. I made a pretty good showing against little league pitching, and enjoyed it so much I batted twice. Each token triggered 20 or 25 pitches, with no break. By the end of each cycle, I was feeling my age, which is definitely north of 40.

Even though I was feeling the burn, I was still making enough contact to impress the little leaguer in line behind me. He looked to be about 13 or 14. As I exited the cage, he made eye contact and grinned at me. "Nice hitting!" he said. I was so happy that he left off the "grandma."

C. Peevie couldn't get enough of the cages. He must have batted four or five times, facing a hundred or more pitches. I have no doubt that the cages polished his timing, hand-eye coordination, and confidence--and the result was a strategic triple in the championship game. Next season, if I see him struggling at the plate, I will definitely take him out for some batting cage medicine.

The real champ at the batting cages, to my mind, was little M. Peevie. This girl was whacking softballs like a big leaguer, and I am hoping against hope that she decides to sign up for baseball next year. She already has it going on, and I fully intend to live out my fantasies in her.

Poor Mr. Peevie. We were watching her swing away, making contact with almost every pitch, and Mr. Peevie said, with a touch of jealousy, "She's doing better than I did."

"That's OK, honey," I told him. "You have other talents. You're good at scrap-booking."


Anonymous said...

J. Cub: Zeuskarelli? I've spent half my life at your house and I've never heard you call him Zeuskarelli. Interesting name...

But anyway, congratulations on winning the championship!! That's awesome!

E. Peevie said...

J.Cub--You just haven't been listening. I usually just call him Zeusk. Ask him about it sometime.

I'll pass your congrats along to C. Peevie, AKA Zeuskarelli. He's not as faithful a visitor to the Green Room as you are.

Ang said...

I look so forward to reading your blogs they are so refreshing!!!
You seem to really know what is important in life....FAMILY.
You are a fabulous mom:}

Congrats to C Peevie. I am not surprised about M Peevie's baseball skill she is an all around star!

E. Peevie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ang. I'll pass them along to my stars, too.

The LIttle League Coach said...

How old is little peevie? Can I recruit her to come play in Florida?

E. Peevie said...

M. Peevie is 7, and she definitely has some Mad Baseball Skillz. Actually, not to brag or anything, but we refer to her as the whole package--brains, beauty, athletic ability; she can sing and dance and has already memorized her multiplication math facts. Oh, and she's kind and empathetic. And humble.

Takes after her mother.

And no, you cannot recruit her to FL--at least not for another 10 years. She's a keeper.

Juicebox Mom said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all, I love those batting cages too.