Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Great Having a Teenager in the House

It's great having a teenager in the house.

(Has that sentence ever before been uttered in the history of the world?)

It's true. Here's why:

1. My sleepyhead daughter can sleep in at home, with the Teenager left in charge, while I take A. Peevie to camp.

2. Instead of dragging three kids to the grocery store to pick up milk, bread and eggs, I can leave them all at home, under strict instructions to get along (all), not be bossy (the Teenager), and cooperate (the two Youngers). It feels like a mini-vacation to go to the store by myself!

3. I can sit in my office "working" while the Teenager cooks eggs and makes toast for everybody's breakfast.

4. Theoretically, Mr. Peevie and I can slip off for an hour and have a beer after the Youngers are in bed, leaving the Teenager armed with our cell phone numbers. I say theoretically, because we haven't actually done this yet: by the time the Youngers are actually in bed, we are usually too tired and crabby to even think about going out. But one of these days, we are just going to force ourselves to GO OUT AND HAVE A BEER just because we can.

5. We can get all this babysitting FOR FREE. As a family with no nearby relatives, we have paid for virtually every minute of babysitting we have gotten over the past 13 years, with the exception of a few times when friends and relatives have taken pity on us. Our motto has always been "Leave them early and often!"--and as a result, I estimate that we have paid out enough money in babysitting to pay for a lovely vacation home in Door County.

It's great having a teenager in the house.


Anonymous said...

Find a home in Southern Door County. It's much more affordable that way!

Having never paid for a babysitter over the last 13 years might actually be why we can (barely) afford our Door County Summer Shack. But that's neither here nor there. I purposely chose to avoid babysitters and share the burden with my husband of watching the 3 children... One has to wonder, will that make a difference in their adult life, knowing they always had the security of one parent around them at all times? or will they want to flee the first chance they get to as a young adult? I realize the years are passing too quickly as I try to cling to my 3 angels. So even though we've sacraficed much of our "couple entertainment", I feel that we will have all the time we need all too soon when the little ones fly the coop. In the mean time, I'll keep my cubby bears near their Momma Bear as long as they'll let me... klm

E. Peevie said...

KLM--welcome to The Green Room, and thanks for commenting!

Yes, I admire the way you and Mr. KLM have juggled your work lives to match your family priorities. I'm sure the fact that you both are so engaged with your children is what will make the difference in their emotional security later on--not the fact that you NEVER paid for a sitter, but just the way you make them your priority, play with them, enjoy them.

You are a great momma.

One more point--I don't consider time spent with Mr. Peevie as optional couple entertainment. Marriage is hard work (as you know). Mr. Peevie and I make it a priority to spend time together apart from the children because that's good for our marriage, and ultimately, good for our children.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - Mrs. Peevie, you do get the importance of couple time, and me time, something we definitely put on the back burner. I'm sure your kids will benefit from the example you set in your marriage. I am trying to get hubby to take me to see the "Jersey Boys" that will be a good date, long over due for us! klm