Sunday, August 3, 2008

Searches Ending at the Green Room

Recent searches that have brought visitors to the Green Room include the following:
  • What to do with all those tomatoes
  • awkward teenage years
  • distance to empty meter
  • squirrel home invasion
  • sticky fly swatter
  • intelligence definition Einstein
  • innocence of childhood
  • the golden compass christian theory

plus three in the category of sociopathology:

  • The sociopath next door he says I'm not happy
  • sociopath ice people
  • blogs sociopathology

and four in the category of natural gas:

  • us gas price per therm
  • gas price per therm futures
  • fixed gas price small print
  • us energy savings corp scam fraud
I need to do a better job at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if natural gas prices and sociopathology are the two search topics bringing new visitors to The Green Room. Because, as you know, we here at The Green Room are about so much more than mental illness and economic indicators. I mean, yes, those are important and all, but mental illness is a given around here, and natural gas prices are what they are.

I've got posts pending on our little trip to Our State Capital, Springfield, the home of the truly amazing Abraham Lincoln Presidential gift shop. I mean Library and Museum--the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Although we may have spent a tiny bit more time in the gift shop than in the actual museum.

The best part of the whole trip was lying awake for hours in bed with my snoring daughter, next to the bed with my snoring son, trying to spell the variety of snoring and snorting sounds erupting with astonishing volume from both of them. Oh, wait. That was the WORST part of the whole trip, not the best.

Anyway, stay tuned, Angelina Jolie (SEO!) and the rest of you, for search-engine optimized posts!


Anonymous said...


We went to the gift shop with the museum in it on our class Springfield trip. Did you see the "iFreedom" shirt with Abe Lincoln rocking out on his iPod? That was my favorite thing in there.

E. Peevie said...

Ha! I did not see that shirt--but if I had, I would have bought it.