Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time for Italian Ice!

Good news, everyone! Lisa's Homemade Italian Ice in Park Ridge is open for the season! (I blogged about Lisa's last year, in case you missed it.)

I took the kids for ices after school on Friday. M. Peevie had been asking me for weeks when Lisa's would reopen, because we all really missed it over the winter. And trust me, it's been a reeeeeeeaaaally long Chicago winter.

We all tried samples of a variety of homemade flavors--and again, for me, the mango took the prize. It's unbelievably mango-ey.

M. Peevie went with straight chocolate. A. Peevie split his $2.50 small cup between chocolate and mochaccino. (Yes, the boy loves coffee, and coffee-flavored everything.) C. Peevie ordered half triple berry, half lemon-lime.

Everyone was happy.

I'll bet if you called Lisa and gave her your email address, she'd email you a coupon for 50 cents off each Italian ice purchased in the month of April. Or leave me a comment (and your email address if I don't already have it) and I'll forward the email coupon to you.


jeanie said...

I am not commenting on Italian ice- although it sounds great. I am commenting on C Peevie's big day (at least in my opinion it was a big day). I want to say how happy it made me to be there, to be a witness (one of many) to the big day. The Jewish community celebrates their children becoming adults with a huge party. I feel like we could take a few lessons from them in that particular tradition. Anyway C Peevie - Congratulations! I am proud to know you!
God Bless you. Great job.

E. Peevie said...

Thanks, Jeanie. I'll pass it along to C. P.