Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stumped by a Cup

I am a girl jock--or at least, I used to be. (Lately I'm a slug.) I've had experience in my years with all sorts of sporting equipment: bats and rackets; balls of every shape and size (get your mind out of the gutter); court shoes, running shoes, and cleats; baseball pants, tennis skirts, volleyball shorts, and the infamous "shiney hiney" basketball uniforms we had to wear in junior high; sports bras; goggles--you name it, I've participated in the sport and I have at least passing familiarity with the equipment.

Having a boy in Little League changed all that. I had to buy a cup for the first time. You can read about my humiliation in my guest post in The Little League Coach, entitled Cup Stories.


ladychgo said...

This story is TOO much! Thanks for the GREAT laugh. When (if) I have a little boy one day, I'll remember to call you up when I have to broach such crisis.

E. Peevie said...

Thanks, Lady. Yes, definitely call me. I will be happy to tell you what not to do.