Monday, April 7, 2008

Little League Mom

Hey gang, guess what?! Rick McBride, the talented owner of the up-and-coming sports blog, The Little League Coach, liked my post about the heroes of summer so much that he invited me to guest post once in awhile.

Here's a link to my very first guest post, entitled The Call.

Practice on our swampy Chicago fields begins this Wednesday, and C. Peevie cannot wait to begin testing the limits of my laundering skills by sliding in those pristinely-white-for-twelve-seconds baseball pants every chance he gets.

Let the games begin!


Jacob said...

I love "The Call!" I know exactly what it's like to get "The Call", to get outside for the first time, to loosen up your arm, and to break in your glove. You captured the excitement of the whole process very well. There's nothing like the smell of baseball in the morning. Well, I know C. Peevie definitely knows what I mean...

E. Peevie said...

Hey there, young man! It's VERY late--what are you still doing up?

Thanks for reading. I hope you left a comment over there on TLLC.

And, "there's nothing like the smell of baseball in the morning"??? Nice rated-R movie reference there, sir.

Go to bed.

Jacob said...

Well, normally I hate quoting movies I haven't seen, but I couldn't resist.