Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Gratitude

Ahhhh.  I love my birthday.  I wish I could have a birthday every month. 

Oh!  Oh!  We should totally do this.  Let's start a FB page called "I love to celebrate my Monthday!"  You would celebrate your Monthday like a birthday, on the same day of the month that your actual birthday falls on.  So my Monthdays would be the 2nd of every month!  Who's with me?

So anyway, my birthday brought me a great deal of delight this year, as it does most years.  (We won't talk about last year's birthday, mmmmkay?)  My birthday is a day when I get loved on by tons of people.  Some send hilarious or touching cards, some offer friendly birthday wishes on FB or email, and some!  Some give gifts.

Have I mentioned that my love language is gifts? Earlier in my birthmonth (two weeks before and two weeks after my birthday) I posted my birthday wish list.  Everyone should do this.  As Mr. Peevie wisely said, "I like to give a girl what she wants"--and what better way for people to know what you want than to use social media to get it out there?

So at this very moment, I'm listening to my new Bruce Cockburn CD, You've Never Seen Everything.  And tonight I will be creating a delectable dinner in my beauteous oval covered casserole dish, thanks to Mr. Peevie and the kids.

Other birthday highlights included:

  • Being serenaded in front of my house by three neighborhood children.
  • The softest fluffy pink slipper socks you will ever touch.
  • A birthday note from a 10-year-old that read, "you are very nice, pretty, and very good at working things out."  I love that last compliment especially much.
  • Reminiscing with a friend at dinner about Howard Johnson's clam strips and chocolate ice cream with tiny ice flakes, served in a chilled metal bowl with a buttery, crispy cookie.
  • Having the same friend guess my actual age to be 41.
  • Planting my flower planters on the deck.
  • 37 birthday greetings on FB, including one in Pig Latin.
  • Homemade cards from each of my children, including a promise from C. Peevie that I "get to watch (3) 24 episodes with me without any complaints (any!!)!"  He has started watching season 1 of 24, and for some inexplicable reason, he hates it when I plop down next to him on the couch to watch part of an epi with him.
  • $49 from my thoughtful MIL and FIL--one dollar for each year.  You're never too old to get money for your birthday.
  • Birthday coupons from M. Peevie, including ones for "unlimited kisses," 1 cuddle," "1 masage [stet] and spa treatment," "1 storybook night," and "1 kick in the butt."  Girlfriend has a bit of an attitude.
  • Birthday coupons from A. Peevie, including these: "As many cuddles," "As many free hugs," "5 of anything you want," "20 takings out of the trash," "50 stories," and "30 foot massages."  
A. Peevie," I said, "Does this coupon mean that in 30 years, when you're 42 and I'm 79, you'll still give me cuddles?"

"If you still have the coupon," he said.

When I told Roseanne this story, she laughed out loud and said, "You can't even keep track of your keys for one hour, let alone a scrap of paper for 30 years!"  Ouch!  But I'm taking it to the lock box at the bank today.  So there.


Broke but Happy said...

Laughing so hard my throat hurts, and it's making me cough! I'm hoping to be a part of a later celebration of your birthday -- maybe next week? Stretch it out beyond a day. I hear you on the monthday, but I better like the idea of celebrating your birthday throughout the entire month. So take all of June. Because, like, next week we can get together for your BDay whereas, it is unlikely we'd ever be able to get the twoth of each month organized to celebrate with you then. I'm for stretching it out, which is what I did 12.85 years ago for my fortieth birthday. Yeppers, barreling into the mid-fifties, I am. Somebody has to. You can thank me fore getting there first, eh?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love all the handmade gifts you got. I got 2 myself and are very much appreciated. I'm not with you on the monthday though. I don't think I would be as special to me. I look forward to my birthday all year long, just like a little kid. I get so excited the closer it gets. I celebrate pretty much all month long and I like it that way. Enjoy your Month!