Tuesday, May 18, 2010

14 Shopping Days Left

Time to get shopping, people.  My birthday is June 2, and if there's one thing I have learned in my short time on earth, it's that you're never to old to love getting presents.  Here's my birthday wish list:

1. Stephen King's Under the Dome.

2. Bruce Cockburn's You've Never Seen Everything CD.

5.  A digital camera. This wish-list item is actually for the benefit of my Green Room readers, so that I will be able to offer enhanced blog-reading enjoyment through pixels.

7. World peace.

8. Donations to any of the following organizations:

9.  Comments on my blog posts.  I know this is hard to wrap, but it still counts, because it feels the same as getting a present.  It feels like love.


J said...

silpat sheets! and a covered casserole dish! i want those too! i have a digital camera, but still find it infuriatingly difficult to upload photos onto the blog without jacking up the whole layout of the text. if you figure it out, i would be thankful for a tutorial :)

E. Peevie said...

J--I will consider your comments to be my first (early) birthday presents!

Is it just photos from your camera that you have trouble putting on the blog, or any photos?

It's strange. I don't have a problem uploading photos to the blog.

J said...

hi E-
it seems like it is just blogger. i've tried uploading photos from 2 different digital cameras and my camera phone, and they load just fine, but placing them in the post throws off all the text in wacky ways that i find hard to correct. i need to talk to a mommyblogger who has tons of photos posted on her blog and see how she does it :)

happy early birthday!

Mr. Peevie said...

Happy Birthday, E! First present of the day.