Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three LittleThings That Bug Me

I don't want to sound like a giant crankopotamus here, but certain things bug me.  I'm going to get them off my ample chest here and now, and then I'm going to Choose to be Cheerful again.  K?

1.  I hate getting emails with a subject line that reads "Re:".  Just "Re:".  Re: what?  People:  are you really SO BUSY that you can't take the time to write even ONE WORD to identify the content of the email?  ONE STINKING WORD?

An email without a subject line is like a canned good without a label--open at your own risk. It's also a missed marketing and communications opportunity.  Q:  Are you listening?

2. "Lol" tacked onto the end of texts, FB comments, and emails to show that you have just made a joke.  If we can't tell it's a joke without you including a virtual laugh-track, then it's certainly not laugh-out-loud funny.  So knock it off.

3. OK, I can only think of two things that bug me at the moment.  That's a good thing, right?


kris f said...

Re: your blog


seriously, very fun - I hate the whole re: thing as well......

jeanie said...

Wow! You just cleared something up for me. LOL does not mean lots of love. Good to know. Or maybe it's interchangeable?

And I am totally with you on the Re: thing, I just thought it meant delete!.

Anonymous said...

Crankopotomus! LOL - You Slay Me!

Eve Bradshaw - you are so endearing!

Come spend the weekend with us at Kate's - want to car pool? Leaving Friday, returning Sunday - No Bradley