Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blogging 24: Jack Gets Laid!

The following takes place between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Smart move, putting the martyr's widow in place to lead the IRKsome peace process.

President Taylor: "Is CTU capable of handling security for the peace process?" Excellent question. I think we all know the answer.

Yes, why are you calling Chloe?

Chloe in provisional command? Chloe? CHLOE?! Has he ever met her?!

"Try to make the transition as quick and painless as possible." AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sexy Non-sexy dialog (tm: TWOP) from Hastings: "I let the snake into the garden."


Kissing? Kissing! Is Jack gonna get laid for the first time in eight seasons?

Yes. Yes he is. Finally.

Who's the old guy? I mean, who's the old dead guy?

Ah-ha. He was an old guy with a Vantage Point. And now there's a Peeping Trofim standing over his corpse with a high-powered rifle. Ruh-roh.


President Suvarov, you say? I remember him. He got blowed up in Season Six, but survived.

"There may be someone who can help us here--but you're not going to like it."


Samir has just gone into cardiac arrest. Oh, and he's foaming at the mouth. Hmmm.

Finally! The inimitable Gregory Itzin is back, playing the Nixonian President Logan. Will they still call him President Logan, even after he did all that bad shit?

Apparently, yes, they will.

Logan: "In some ways, the people there appreciate me more than the people in my own country."

Logan: "I'm going to be exercising some leverage--but the details must stay between me and the Russians. No laws will be broken." And also, we won't be breathing, blinking, or speaking.

Logan: "I made mistakes. Terrible mistakes, that stained the office of the presidency, and for which I will be paying the rest of my life. But I can still do some good." I love it when criminals refer to their crimes as "mistakes."

He's still weasely.


I'm pretty sure Agent Freckles is going to die.

Shot. In the gut. Can't be good. Bleeding.

(Mr. Peevie said, "She told the writers that she wanted her character to go out with a bang--and she went out with two!" Good one, Mr. Peevie!)

No happy endings for Jack.


Silent clock.

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jeanie said...

Hey thanks for the review. I have no idea what you're talking about but I laughed anyway. And congratulations Jack, it is about time.... Perhaps you will turn into a kinder gentler person.

It's good to be back to the green room.....