Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blogging 24: Hello, Plot Devices! Hello, Subtext!

Now that we know for sure that this is the last season for 24 (WAH! WAH! WAH! But also? Yeah. Smart move, since it's been getting a little shark-jumpy for the last three seasons.), I feel compelled to blog it more diligently.

  • Wait, what? Jack just agrees to go and babysit a world leader during an imminent radiological attack? When he's in the middle of the action, he's going to willingly get into a minivan and go for a drive with a politician? Nuh uh. I call lame plot device.
  • Nothing good ever comes from a man with a black goatee.
  • PresidentTaylor to toady: We can't give in to the terrorists--"Not unless you're intent on destroying our moral authority!"
  • And also: "Caving to any terrorist demand weakens this nation immeasurably." These are examples of what Dave Barry likes to refer to as "wooden dialogue" created by the "wooden dialogue generator."
  • Hmm. Another plot-device heart attack. I remember that happening in Season Whatever when Wayne Palmer's girlfriend's rich, old husband collapsed and MorallyAmbiguousSherry stopped Girlfriend from giving him his meds.
  • I thought they were supposed to take President Hassan alive so they could turn him over to the terrorists. When did that change?
  • Did that tunnel get longer for the trip back? Or am I just confused by all the shooting?

So, it looks like some fun times are ahead for next week's two-hour episode: the inimitable Gregory Itzin will be back, which can only mean delicious trouble.

Also from the previews: "Tick-tock, Mr. Bauer. You are running out of time."

Aaahhhh. I love the smell of subtext in the morning.


Hpaul said...

Nice eval Ms Peevy. I also look forward to the 2 our finale tomorrow night.

E. Peevie said...

I'm going to have to lock those little Peevies in a closet so they don't bother me for two whole hours. Except on commercials, of course. During commercials I can be very attentive and maternal.