Thursday, May 15, 2008


Maybe this is a moot point, but it seems to me that we just cannot trust one thing that comes out of President Bush's mouth. Whether from incompetence or dishonesty--it doesn't matter; it's wrong.

And then there's the whole appeasement flap. President Bush suggested that some Democrats (naming no names, of course) believe we should negotiate with terrorists, and compared this "foolish delusion" to the "false comfort of appeasement" prior to WWII. I think Joe Biden said it most eloquently: "This is bullshit."

What was Mr. Bush's reason for making such a disrespectful and inflammatory remark? Is he intentionally trying to influence the election by bad-mouthing Obama and the Democrats? If so, why? What does he get out of it?

These trust and respect issues are among the main reasons I will not be able to vote for any Republican candidate short of Jesus in this dramatic election season. I just need somebody completely and utterly different. I know some of you will disagree, and that's OK. But to me, Obama's biggest attraction is that he's different.

He looks different, he sounds different, he thinks different(ly), his life experience is different, his political experience is different from every other candidate. The main advantage that Obama would bring to the Oval Office, I believe, is that he is different. I hope and expect that he will surround himself with different kinds of people, who also think differently.

I do have concerns about the typical leanings of liberal politicians toward bigger government and more spending (although the Republicans lately have shown themselves to be just as happy to spend my money as any Democrat). I disagree with more than a couple of Obama's positions. But these concerns and differences carry less weight than my unhappiness with the direction that the Republicans have taken this country, and will continue to take it under McCain.

OK, rant's over. Now for a paid commercial announcement. Please go to Best of Blogs (BOB) and vote for The Green Room so we can get a cool BOB badge. It's my understanding that you can vote once per day. (Ahem, J.Cub.)


hammerdad said...

I can't decide if I agree more with you or with Biden.

Ok. . . both.

Anonymous said...


I voted twice, but maybe it didn't count the second one. I voted, then went back to the home screen and sometimes you could vote again, sometimes you couldn't. Oh no!! It's Election 2000 all over again!!

corduroy said...

E, here’s what’s interesting, the second article you highlighted states it’s highly unlikely Bush was even referring to Obama, rather he was mocking Carter.

(Of course I don't believe that necessarily.)

I think Obama overreacted. When someone has to explain himself/herself, the more explaining sometimes justifies the argument the other guy was trying to make!

Why didn’t Obama just sluff it off? To me that would have been the greatest response to Bush. “Yeah, I said I’d meet with Ahmadinejad, so what?” His character should be what comes across loud and clear, not his words.

This is why I still think he’s just a politician, not much different at all than the others. To be REALLY different, I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need to beg and plead for my vote - I want to be the one begging and pleading for HIM (or her) to take office! Also I’d love to see someone who doesn’t play politics of the race. If his/her opponents try to distract, why not just let it go.

I probably will never see this person. (I'm writing this with great sadness.)

E. Peevie said...

Corduroy--In an ideal, civil world, I agree with you--Obama should just walk away and shake his head at the stupidity of the accusations.

But this is politics, and Bush struck a low blow against the Democrats--perhaps not Obama specifically, but definitely against his (and Carter's) stance for diplomacy before dirty bombs.

In order to win in politics, you can't let such a misleading charge stand unanswered. Obama's ability to lead and protect the U.S. against its enemies is likely a huge issue for undecideds, and I think he took the right approach in his response.

And finally--I'd like to know if you are thinking of Obama in particular with regard to "playing the politics of race", and if so, could you please cite your sources.


E. Peevie

corduroy said...

Ahh...I just re-read what I blogged and see how it may be misleading.

When I say "race" I mean "the race for the White House".

I mean I think Obama is playing politics just as much Hillary, McCain (and everyone else who has a stake in this.)

E.g. Granted, we don't know Bush's heart. Was it directed to Carter? No, most likely a jab at Obama.

Likewise, Obama...Personally offended? Or worried about the Jewish vote that he needs to court?

So to me, there's nothing inherently wrong with what Bush said or what Obama said. (Other than I think Obama's overreaction may backfire and hurt him.)

In the end, it's just part of the big game. Politics as usual.