Monday, August 20, 2007

Veggie Tales

This, my friends, is the bounty of my garden. I'm just like a proud grandmom, dragging out my Brag Book to show off my little sweeties.

Those tomatoes in the front that look like Roma plum tomatoes are actually grape tomatoes. I think they were sneaking off at night to huff steroids.
The big honking dudes in the back are just now approaching ripe-itude. They include Early Girl, Health Kick, and Tomato Celebrity.
Notice the herbs? Clockwise, starting at bottom left, we've got thyme, curly parsley, and basil, and hiding shy-like in the back, some nice fresh Italian oregano. They've been seasoning corn and tomato salsa, pesto, and spaghetti sauce for a few weeks now.
And how about that shiny sweet red pepper lying like a cheerleader across the front row? M. Peevie ate two of them today, chomping down on them like apples.
Remember back in May when I posted about planting perennials in my front garden spot? Well, the jury is still out on that experiment.
Unfortunately, the brightest spot in the garden is that big weed right at six o'clock. Nothing is really flowering except the echinacea; and the euphorbia (is that what it's called?) looks kind of scary, like it might have slithered over and winked at Eve in the First Garden.
My flower pots on the deck, however, are another story altogether. My friends and neighbors have been "ooohh-ing" and "aaaahhhing" over them. "OMG, where did you get them?" and "Did you make them yourself?"
I did, I swear. Apparently, this is my hidden talent: creating beauteous flower pots to adorn my deck, right next to the soggy beach towels and broken sand buckets.
Just don't ask me about perennials, because apparently, that's NOT my hidden talent.
[Update: I have tried and tried to get the spacing right on this post, but now I completely give up.]

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