Thursday, August 23, 2007

What To Do With All Those Tomatoes

With our tomatoes ripening faster than we can give them away, we are discovering new ways to enjoy them at every meal, and re-discovering old favorites. Last week we had turkey club sandwiches, with three layers of wheat toast piled high with lettuce, tomato, sliced turkey breast, bacon, and a paper-thin slice of cheese.

To make it even more garden-friendly, I Martha Stewarted a batch of homemade basil mayonnaise (recipe courtesy of J. Noelle at 24 Boxes). Mr. Peevie and I tried making our own mayonnaise one other time in the past 23 years, and it was an interesting experiment in non-emulsification. The end result looked kind of like something you'd clean up off the floor after a frat party.

But J. Noelle's recipe turned out fresh and creamy and delicious. What's next in the Peevie Kitchens, homemade ketchup?

Another garden treat we've been enjoying: fresh tomato and corn salsa. Here's the recipe from the Cuisinart cookbook, but I don't like cilantro, so I make it with fresh basil and parsley instead. If you use a whole fresh ear of corn, like I do, you might want to include some of the jalapeno seeds to counter some of the delicious corny sweetness and add a little kick. 'Sup to you. I love this salsa scooped up with plain old corn chips, or piled on top of grilled fish.

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Boy George said...

Mmm, this is making me hungry.

'Sokay that you don't like cilantro; means more for me! (I was where you were on cilantro once upon a time; thought it tasted like soap. But then I grew up).