Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resolution Recap

Following in the footsteps of my blog-friend Elbee, I will update the 2010 resolution situation:

1. Listen to new (i.e., new to me) music. SUCCESS! This month I've listened to Wyclef Jean (before he started raising money for Haiti), Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ben Folds. I'm so "with it."

2. Work out on Wii Fit two or three times per week. I have learned several yoga poses, and not one of them is named the "lunging lemur." I have met my goal of doing WiiFit at least twice per week, but I have to say--I am not a fan of the abuse my WiiFit trainer (whom I have named Vincent) dishes out.

"So," he says, with an edge of sarcasm in his voice, "You haven't been able to make the time to work out for the last four days. Been busy?"

"Yes, Vincent," I tell him, hanging my head as I step on the WiiFit balance board.

"Ooh!" it says, wincing under my weight. "You've gained 1.2 pounds since your last workout," the lying slab of plastic tells me. "You now have 3.2 pounds to lose to meet your goal."

Fine. Whatever. It's not about the weight, I tell myself. It's about being healthy. It's about having pants that fit.

Then when I start doing the poses and/or exercises, it tells me, "Oh, E. Peevie, you're a bit wobbly! You need to work on building your core muscles."

Sometimes I trick the Wii into thinking that I'm totally fit and have perfect balance. I use a chair to do some of the poses so that I don't actually hurt myself--and Vincent tells me, "Hey, baby! You're pretty strong and fit! Are you free Saturday night?"

3. Write my book. Let's see. I think I have written a total of 2,000 additional words this month. This pace is not going to get my first draft, or even my first several chapters written, before I head to the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids in April. I must pick up my pace.

4. Take my sin to the cross, over and over again. Why is repentance so hard? It's so good, and it feels so good--it's like working out: it feels so good when you're done. I have not improved in this area. Fortunately, repentance and forgiveness are, by their very definition, always available, waiting, unchanged in their power to change me.

I will go to the cross. I will write my book. I will work out. I will listen to new music. It's not too late to begin, to start becoming a New Me.

How are your resolutions going?

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