Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Idol: Predictions and Very Important Analysis

I'll put my Big Prediction right up front, so there's no surprises:

Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol.

Probably every AI blogger in the universe is making this prediction--although when I googled "who will win Idol 2009," I got a little Danny, a little Matt, a little Kris. Not so much lovin' for the girls--except my fave girl, the little redbird Allison. That girl has a smokin' hot voice--but she really is just a girl, and does a 16-year-old have what it takes to win?

I think Adam will beat her--but I also think that the judges will use their "save" vote for her if she gets booted before, say, Anoop or Lil. (Anoop-Dawg is the favorite among the fifth grade male demographic in our completely unscientific poll, however.)

For some reason, there's a little bit of hating going on for Adam out there in the ether. I don't get it. He's talented, cute, and creative--what's not to love? They're calling him a "screaching troll," the "gay screamer," and "over-theatrical." He totally channels Freddie Mercury, and maybe a little bit of David Bowie; some say he's the new David Cook. (But I wasn't done with the old David Cook!)

About the show tonight:

  • What's up with Paula and gloves? Does she have really bad eczema or something, and she has to cover up her hands and arms? Tonight she wore long white gloves. M. Peevie, who usually has a great deal of respect for fashion statements, announced the gloves "looked weird."
  • Flo Rida was better than I expected, being not a big fan of the rapping genre.
  • Kellie Pickler was pitchy, dawg. I mean, she was pretty bad. I was sitting on the toilet (sorry--was that too much information?) and I could hear her hitting notes that were not even close to the mark from the other room. Paula would have had a hard time getting rainbows and unicorns into her critique of that performance.
  • Only 30K votes (out of 30 million) separated Anoop and Scott on the bottom two rungs of the Idol ladder. Scott got the axe and didn't get saved even though he delivered a tender rendition of Survivor's "The Search is Over.
One more minor prediction: Anoop will be the next to go. Sorry, A. Peevie.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Please take a sec and vote in the AI poll to the right, because it's so fun to have a little blog interactivity. Thanks!

UPDATE#2: I'm trying to get the poll to work. Any ideas?

UPDATE #3: I never could get the poll to work, so I took it down. I'll try to put up a new one soon. 4/14/09


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the whole thing because when I heard Kellie Pickler I had to change it. I don't really know who she is but I was thinking that if she were a contestant they would rip her apart.

Mr. Peevie said...

I agree with Julia; it was downright painful to listen to Kellie (she was quite pitchy, as Randy would say), and I think the judges would have brought her up short.

I wanted to vote for Adam or Allison, but the AI poll seems to be not working.

E. Peevie said...


I KNOW? Right? She was crazy bad. I can't remember where she placed, but I believe she was definitely a top five finalist not too long ago.

E. Peevie

E. Peevie said...

Mr. P--rats. I'll try to figure out why it's not working. Thanks for trying.

Melinda said...

So, I don't watch Idol...but just wanted you to know that "pitchy, dawg" has long been an adopted phrase among the adults in our thank's to Randy for that.

Anonymous said...

'Done with the Shallow Life' was an April Fool's joke, wasn't it? I should have caught that.

-Rev. Butcher

E. Peevie said...

Rev--Yes, definitely an April Fools joke. There were a few clues in there, like the hilarious notion that I will stop eating Pringles and drinking Diet Coke for breakfast.

I gave it up to my first commenter that I was April Fooling--apparently Mr. Peevie didn't even realize it was an (apparently unfunny) joke until he read it in the comments.

ladychgo said...

You couldn't be more spot-on with your comments about AI as the season closes. I'm a fan of Allison as well, but apparently the America is going to give her a better run for her money than I would.