Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jack is (Almost) Back

This is the most exciting news I've heard in a long time: Jack Bauer will be back on November 23 for a two-hour movie prequel to Season 7.

The Fox/24 site says Jack is "working as a missionary in Africa." This has got to be the best news yet: Jack loves Jesus! I would not have guessed this plot twist in a bajillion years! It's just one more thing we have in common. Sigh.

More good news: We have a woman president in the 24 universe, played by the under-appreciated Cherry Jones. You might remember her as the police officer in Signs. And another one of my favorite under-appreciated actors, Robert Carlyle, plays Jack's friend, which means, of course, that he is doomed. I predict that his character will not live to see Season 7.

We have waited nearly a whole year for this event, thanks to the writers' strike last year. Don't get me wrong--I was completely on board with the writers on that one. I missed me some Jack-sugar, but it was worth it if the writers got, you know, an extra hundredth of a percent of royalties on DVDs. Or whatever ridiculous thing the producers were sniggling about.

But if you recall, Season 6 was not an excellent example of TV writing. In fact, after a strong first four episodes, S6 totally tanked. It went down the toilet. It jumped the shark. It sucked.

So this time around, being eternally optimistic, I'm hopeful that the extra months of writing time will mean that the prequel and S7 will be back to S1 standards: fierce, shocking, tense, breath-taking, non-stop action and drama.

It's not too much to ask, is it?

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lulu said...

oh peevie! this one looks absolutely awesome but also absolutely painful! all those precious little kids... i might have to cover my eyes & ears a few times during the show... xoxoloveya!