Monday, October 20, 2008

Barack Obama Wins McCain Endorsement

Speaking of Republicans endorsing Obama, Colin Powell spoke up with his endorsement yesterday. Do I need to remind you that Powell is a retired four-star general, the former secretary of state, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both Republican and Democratic presidents, and the former national security advisor to Ronald Reagan? I didn't think so.

On the heels of the Big Fat Hairy Deal Colin Powell endorsement, the only endorsement that Obama lacks is McCain's.

Of course, some cynical and insane commentators (I'm not linking to them, but you know who's on this list) are suggesting that Powell is only endorsing Obama because he's black. I suspect that they, like my die-hard conservative family and friends, would not vote for Obama even if McCain did endorse him. (Am I right, Deedee?)

In fact, I think they'd still vote straight Republican ticket even if Jesus endorsed Obama. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

seems like he needs his own running mate, Biden, to endorse him, "be prepared folks, we're gonna face an international crisis if Obama is elected...") what an idiot!

E. Peevie said...

Anon, Did he really say that? Hilarious. I wonder what he meant?