Monday, June 16, 2008

Fame and Glory

Jenny the Bloggess, my blogging hero, gave me a shout in her Good Mom/Bad Mom column on the Houston Chronicle website. How totally excellent is that, man?

Check out the other blogs she mentioned as well--some are beautiful, some hilarious, some touching. Like this little snippet from Debbie on her blog, I Obsess:

Lying cuddled together with my kiddo a minute ago, because he had come into the room, suddenly, demanding a hug, and upon returning him to his bed, I discovered
his playmates, some toys he's not allowed to go to sleep with - because he *doesn't sleep* when they're present - and then we sang some songs and snuggled. And I felt his length, even with legs curled all pretzel-like around my knees, feet stuck randomly between my knees and thighs, hand curled around mine, and my breath halted, quick, brief, because - it's all happening. So fast. Too fast. Blazes of light and *poof* and he's growing, growing, grown.

And then, get this: my friend Dave gave me a call from his live internet radio show, The Dave and Chris Show, and asked me to co-host next Friday, June 27, at 6 p.m. I'm not clear whether Dave's co-host, Chris, will be there, because the whole conversation was very confusing, and the internet telephone connection was echo-ey, time-delayed, and muted. Chris claimed he could hear everything fine, so it's possible he has bionic hearing, or perhaps he's psychic. I'll check it out.

So tune in next week, Green Room Fans, and invite your friends to tune in as well. And heck! Call in, why don't you? I'd post the phone number, but it's not on their web site, and I think it's Dave's home phone number, which I don't necessarily want to put on the Internet. So just click on the Dave and Chris Show link, which should--should!--make it easy for you to call in.

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