Saturday, January 12, 2008

Young Genius

An article in MSN Encarta reports that Albert Einstein's mother "encouraged his strengths by asking him the same question every day when he got home from school: 'What's the best question you asked today?' "

So I've started asking my kids that question, too. I want them to think and to question; I want them to love to learn. I don't care whether they make important scientific discoveries or write poetry or fix cars; but I do hope that whatever path they end up on, that they'll never stop reading, thinking, learning, and asking questions.

So. Last night I was driving M. Peevie home from a birthday party, and I asked her, "M., what was the best question you asked today?"

She thought for a moment, remembering her day at school, and the fun party, and of course, the birthday cake. "I know what it was," she said confidently. "I asked, 'Can we have seconds?' "

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