Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Soup for Life: Corn and Wild Rice Soup with Smoked Sausage

Here is a soup recipe to kick off your new year. My family has been enjoying this soup since Mr. Peevie discovered the recipe in 1995 (Bon Appetit, November). We served it as the first course in our Thanksgiving dinner that year. It was so satisfying and delicious that we almost skipped the turkey and headed straight for the pumpkin pie!

This soup has a chunky, satisfying goodness that is both sweet and savory. Pureed corn thickens the broth, and each spoonful delivers a kernelicious, nutty taste sensation. Serve it as the main course, with warm bread, and no one will walk away hungry.

Don't be shy about increasing the amount of sausage, since it often comes in a 16 oz. package instead of 10 ounces. Use it all. For that matter, increase the number of carrots, too--but then you'll need more chicken broth.

My final tip to make this piquant first course even more nutritious: use your own homemade, vegetable-enriched chicken broth. Nutritionists say that boiling vegetables leaches most of the nutrients right out of them--so strain out and discard the soggies, but put the veggie vitamins to work in your soup stock.

There now. You never knew I was a budding foodologist, did you? Stay tuned in 2008 for more of my hidden talents.

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