Monday, April 16, 2007

What Box?

A. Peevie is the kind of kid that makes you proud of kid-dom, and also a little afraid. He's hard to figure out sometimes. One time, when he was about four, or maybe three, he walked into the dining room and laid down prone on the hardwood floor, with his cheek against the floor. He just laid there, not moving, not saying anything for about ten minutes. For no apparent reason. Mr. Peevie and I just just looked at each other for a long time. "He's your son," I said.

A. Peevie thinks so far outside of the box that he doesn't even know there IS a box. He marches to the beat of a whole other orchestra. I love that about him.

He's nine now. He loves manatees--he has about eight stuffed ones, and a photo of his very own adopted manatee named Flash. He loves scientists and inventors, particularly Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein. Today he decided that he wanted to learn about geometry, because Einstein loved geometry, so he asked Dad to print out some geometry lessons for him. He worked his way through about 15 pages of basic geometry before bedtime. "Mom, do you know what a vertex is?" he asked me. I didn't.

He loves to draw, especially animals, cartoon characters, and Pokemon guys. I like to imagine what he might be when he grows up, but all I can come up with is a cartoonist.

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Anonymous said...

A. Peevie is quite the fella. A lot of us go to the beat of a different drummer, but not all of us perceive things the way he does. A. is troubled by his hole, and wants to live life the best way he knows how. What a sweetie. You are so blessed, Mr. and Mrs. Peevie. He can see right through everyone I'll bet ! If only he could describe it to us all.....