Sunday, January 13, 2013


Texting with Aidan was always fun. He spurned text shorthand, and tried to write everything grammatically. Here's one of the last exchanges we had; I was at work, and he was traveling to his home school co-op:
Aidan: Can you look up how long you need to wait before your bladder explodes?

Me: Why?

A: I really have to go to the bathroom and Im on the train.

A: Im starting to feel like Im going to faint.

Me: Put ur head down between ur knees.

Me: Ru ok? I tried to call u.

A: Im not sure.

Me: Answer your phone.

Me: How now?

A: Im on the train. I dont want to be rude.

A: How now?

A: How do you mean, brown cow?

Me: Its not rude when ur mom is worried that ur going to faint.

A: Im feeling less of that now, but can you answer my question about bladder eruption?

Me: No I can't right now. Sorry. It is not going to explode.

A: Just you wait...

and later...

A: I need my levothyroxine, my heart beats are super uneven.

Me: Levo does not affect ur heart. It's for your thyroid.

Me: R u worried?

A: Not really.

Me: Ok. I will try to pick up ur levo on way home tonight.

A: The only thing Im worried about is your text talk.

Me: Heh. 


Anna D. said...

Priceless. Aidan had his priorities straight, that's for sure.

BeBrokeButHappy said...

That was wonderful. And Hilarious. (Sorry, Aidan, I'm not going properly grammatically here.) I hate when people say, "on so many levels," but in this instance, really really funny, but poignant and such on several levels.

jeanie said...

I can't imagine what Aiden would have said about my texting! I laughed out loud (lol) reading this. Sweet.

studioGypsy said...

just the best. :) xoxo