Friday, July 13, 2012

Still Got It

I arrived late at the hotel one night last week, and as I waited for the elevator, I made small talk with a fifty-something guy who was also waiting. He mentioned Dorney Park, which evoked fond memories.

"I remember that place!" I said happily. "You have reminded me of my long-lost youth!" We chatted for another minute until the elevator doors opened on the third floor and we both got off.

"So," he said, as we turned in opposite directions. "You have your own room, then?"

"Um, yes," I said, a bit startled, but also a bit awestruck because that sounded like it might have been a pick-up line. "And there are three kids in it."

"Heh-heh," he said, getting the message. "Have a nice night."

I told Mr. Peevie about this conversation later. "Do you think he was trying to pick me up?" I asked him.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "Definitely."

"YES!" I Macauley Culkin-ed.

"I'm happy for you," Mr. Peevie said drily.

And he should be. I am a past-her-prime, overweight, mini-van driving softball mom with very few pick-up lines left in my future--so I will not pass up any chance I get to accept independent confirmation of my fading pulchritude.

Even if the pick-up line springs more from middle-aged lonely desperation than from any actual attractiveness on my part.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was your out going personality he was attracted to, or maybe it was your beautiful Thick hair. Maybe it was your Energy he could feel just being held captive in the elevator with you. It could have been these things and more, but I suspect it was your BIG BOOBS! That did the trick! You're One Hot Momma and Yes, You Still Got it! xox

Eve Bradshaw said...

Thank you, "Anonymous." Ahem.

jeanie said...

Whoot Hoo!

But not the least surprised

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Sorry, but I can't come up with any better word that that. But that is awesome, my dear.