Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Shopping Days Left

My birthday is coming up, and I don't want my friends and family to be caught unprepared; so here's my annual birthday wish list:

1. World peace.

2. Diet Coke. Always.

3. A spice grinder such as this one or possibly this one so that I can make these delicious-sounding fish tacos. I believe the first grinder is exactly like the grinder we already have for coffee--and my question is, how do you get the blades clean so that one spice does not contaminate the next? Is there a grinder that deals with this problem?

4. A tortilla warmer such as this one. I've been cooking with tortillas more often lately, and I solve the problem of keeping them warm with the hand-towel-covering-a-warm-plate beginner's method. I'd like to become a bit more authentic and efficient in my approach.

I'm always trying to grow, you know.

5. A contribution to this excellent organization that is working toward gospel-centered renewal of lives and communities in Chicago.

6. Car-Talk Re-Usable Shopping Bags, so that I can show off my "dubious taste in radio entertainment."

In other birthday news, did you know that the following famous people share my birthday?

  • Dennis Haysbert, my favorite pretend U.S. president; 
  • Dana Carvey, the church lady of Saturday Night Live, among other characters.
  • Dr. Cornel West, a provocative progressive intellectual who I follow on Twitter.


Leslie Wolf said...

I use a coffee grinder as a spice grinder, but it's hard to clean. I recommend checking out the equipment reviews on Cook's Illustrated. I used to have a subscription, but I let it lapse; I might re-up again myself. Anyway, I would definitely avoid using the same grinder for coffee and spices; cross-spice contamination may be unavoidable, but spice-coffee cross-contamination must be avoided at all costs!

Annie Haynes said...

i found a you tube video that recommends grinding some white rice in your grinder until it becomes a powder, dumping it out and wiping clean.