Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just a point of interest to my loyal readers--all four of you: Please note that I have added a subscription button to make it easier for you to keep up with The Green Room. My vice president of IT, Director J., helped me figure out how to add this functionality, and this blog thanks her.

I hope you will promptly sign up, and that you will ask all your friends to sign up--that is, if they are not overly sensitive about bodily functions and the occasional profanity. 

Before you know it, we will rule the world.


Leslie Wolf said...

I'm a subscriber!

By the way, I think the first ten subscribes should get a small prize, like a Green Room commerative mug.

E. Peevie said...

LW: Thank you for subscribing! I'm in favor of the commemorative mug idea--but I have no idea who my subscribers are. As far as I can tell, the gadget does not give me a list of subscribers--it just automatically emails them when I post.

Leslie Wolf said...

I realize that I badly misspelled "commemorative". Is it possible that I could get a commerative mug?

More seriously, I hope that you start blogging more in the future. I greatly enjoy your writing.