Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Clever and Heartwarming TV Ad. Not.

Have you seen the Leona's TV commercial? It's sort of disturbing in a Why-is-this-restaurant-endorsing-felony-assault kind of way.

It goes something like this:

Heading: Leona's Clever and Heartwarming Anecdote #328

A Leona's spokesman starts telling the clever and heartwarming story of the Leona's waitress who encountered a rude drunk and handled him with aplomb and tiny bit of brutality.

Rude Drunk Guy tosses his credit card and the check on the floor and tells the waitress, "You're so stupid you probably don't even know how to run the card through the card reader. Let me know if you need me to show you how to do it."

This pisses off the waitress, who punches the guy in the face and knocks his glasses flying.

The on-camera spokesman is all chuckles and avuncular head-shaking at the feisty waitress' spunk--as though she had cleverly one-upped the guy instead of committing an actual crime.

Then he continued the heartwarming anecdote, which someone in an advertising agency somewhere felt would be exactly the thing to bring in new customers to the restaurant: "I was upset," the waitress said, "because when I hit him, I felt that didn't hit him hard enough -- so I hit him again." More chuckling and sympathetic head nodding from the spokesman and his colleagues.

And the television audience is left wondering: WTF? How is this story supposed to bring customers into the restaurant? Are they specifically trying to increase the solve-your-problems-with-hitting crowd? Or are they just trying to discourage rude drunks from thinking "Ah! Leona's!" when they have a hankering for mediocre Italian food?

It makes me wonder, if they don't like you, are they going to send the busboys out to key your car?

Please, enlighten me if you understand this better than I do.


Ex-Ravenswood Suburbanite said...

Okay now you made me want to see the ad, not that I miss living near a Leona's.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same one that thas the 10,000 dollar tip??? I agree, it is rather freaky and had me wonering if they are going downhill fast???

E. Peevie said...

Ex-Rave--I know. I went there often enough out of convenience to know I don't miss it now.

And Anon--the set-up of the ad seems like it could be part of a series of related ads, so the $10K tip version must be one of them. I haven't seen that one.

kathryn said...

WTF?? Seriously??? What slays me is that someone is getting paid for this crap-ola! you think that WE could write better copy than that crap??

Ya think??

E. Peevie said...

Kathryn--I KNOW. Don't they know I'm AVAILABLE?