Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Psychotic Hilarity

I was sitting on my chair in my BEDROOM, in my PJs, ready for bed, with the laptop on my lap and my bare legs hanging out, when my oldest and most boundary-aware child came into my room. Apparently he thought I was not fully clothed, and he was slightly horrified.

"I'm going to take a shower," C. Peevie said, looking decisively away from me and focusing his eyes on the wall four feet in the opposite direction, "and then I'm going to come in and say goodnight...to your upper half."

HAHAHAHAHA! He said this to me as I'm sitting in my bedroom IN MY PJs, ready for bed. He was afraid to even think about what might be on the bottom half. HAHAHAHAHA!

I love being a parent. There are so many laughs, so many moments of psychotic hilarity. That child is going to need years of therapy. I mean, even more years of therapy.

But he's going to have to get it on his own dime.