Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrate! Win! Book Giveaway!

I went to a short workshop on SEO tonight, sponsored by Independent Writers of Chicago. I am now equipped to Optimize for Search Engines. So there.

And in other news, I have decided to celebrate the fact that this blog now has 20 followers. Count 'em: 20. Thanks, Igor! I am so thrilled to have such an astonishing level of popularity on this newfangled Internet that I have decided to sponsor a book giveaway.

I will randomly draw the name of someone who comments on this post, and send that lucky winner three (3) books from my library. You can see what kind of books I have in my library at my LibraryThing page.

I have too, too many books, and if I don't start giving some away soon, I will have to move. I love my neighbors--most of them, anyway. I love my city. I love my church. I don't want to move.

Hence: the book giveaway.

All you have to do to win is leave a somewhat relevant comment on this post, and I will put your name in a hat. On November 15 I will draw one of the names, and I will contact you to find out where to send your books. Be advised that if I have no other way of contacting you, I will contact you through replying to your comment on this blog post, so check back after November 15 to see if you won the Big Book Giveaway!

If you want, you can tell me in your comment the kinds of books you like to read, and I will take this into consideration when I pick out the three books I will be sending your way. They'll probably be paperbacks, and they'll probably be fairly current titles.

Rules: I will only send books to a U.S. address. I will give you another entry in the contest if you direct another reader to The Green Room, and they mention your name in their comment. Contest closes November 14 at midnight. Sometime on the 15th I will draw a name.

Oh! Oh! Isn't this exciting! My very first giveaway! Comment away. Tell me what you've been reading lately, and if you like it or not. Recommend a book to me, even if it's something you read a long time ago. Tell me what your kids are reading.

Who can resist FREE BOOKS?


pdd said...

Wait a second...you're giving away old books by other people? I assumed that as a highly acclaimed blogger you. . .these. . .oh, never mind.

E. Peevie said...

PDD--yours is the first name in the hat!

My book is in progress, but not on the shelves yet.

boneyard said...

e: I was nosing around your blog after reading about some sort of giveaway and I learned something quite startling! I don't think I'd like your books very much. I checked out your favorite links, and excluding the link to your church, found the others virtually unreadable! So, I guess if I hadn't commented here, I wouldn't be sweating out the chance I could be receiving three books any day now.

J said...

:) pick me!!!

then maybe i'll do a give away on my blog, to get rid of 3 books to make room for 3 new ones from you!

Boy George said...

I need more books like I need another hole in the head. I pick up galleys by the gazillion twice a year at conferences at mail them home to myself, some of them for me and some for friends and family. But I've been hooked on books since childhood and just can't kick the habit (even though I don't read ANYWHERE near as much as I used to). I absolutely love Stephen King, but pretty much ignore everybody else in his genre. Other great writers I enjoy are Pat Conroy, John Irving, Shirley Jackson (oh, were she still around...), Flannery O'Connor, Paul Zindel. Nonfiction, you ask (well, even if you didn't specifically)? Tricky to answer that--I think my tastes are somewhat eclectic, and it depends on the specific topic the book happens to be about and the author's take on it.

E., you don't know how glad I was to read that your "book is in progress"! Of course I know that could mean almost anything, but the material on your blog definitely shows you have a bunch of books inside you waiting to be written out.

E. Peevie said...

Boneyard--I do not know why it startles you that you don't like my books.

And seriously--you find Language Log unreadable?! I LOVE those guys!

J--Fingers crossed!

BoyG--thanks for your support (about my book). We love many of the same authors, but you mentioned some I have never read. I'll have to put Shirley Jackson on my TBR list.

E. Peevie said...

Drum Roll, Please!

The winner of the Great Book Giveaway is...


Of course. The one person who probably won't like any of my books.

OK, Boneyard, if you comment again and tell me what genres and authors you typically read, I will try to come up with three suitable books to send you.

Otherwise, I will send you three somewhat random books.

Are you SO, SO excited?!

Never mind.