Sunday, September 20, 2009

27 Socks and a Headless Stag Beetle

Today, under A. Peevie's bed, I found:

27 socks
8 shirts
4 pairs of pants
19 stuffed animals, including 4 manatees, assorted sizes
1 full box of colored pencils
3 army guys
7 pens and pencils
7 drawings
2 plastic cups
3 candy wrappers
1 spoon
small change
a colored easter egg with the shell mostly intact except for a ragged-edged, dime-sized hole through which you can see the petrified yolk.

It's kind of like what I found IN another kid's bed not too long ago.

In related news, when I took A. Peevie to see HeartDoc last week, they had a conversation that went like this:

A. Peevie: Wanna see what I have in my pocket?

HeartDoc: Sure.

AP: (shoving his hand deep into his sweatpants pocket and trying to extricate something delicately) Just a minute...just a minute...Here!

HD: (Looking at a decapitated stag beetle) Wow! Cool!

AP: It's a stag beetle.

HD's nurse: Ack! Get it away from me!

HD: Where is its head?

AP: Oh, hold on a sec. (Shoves his hand into his pants pocket again.) Here it is!

HD's nurse: Ack! Ack!

HD: Wow, look at those horns. Where'dja get it?

AP: On the playground during recess. My friend BiF found three of them, and he gave me one.

HD: Nice friend.

The deceased, headless stag beetle currently resides in our living room, in a place of honor on the speaker. Until the next time I remember it's there, and THROW IT OUT.


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Anonymous said...

JRO: Last year at 4th of July fireworks one of those nasty beetles landed on J-Cub's pant leg (he was thrilled that it didn't land on his skin). I'd never seen one before and it was huge! Cool but scary.