Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jury Duty Fallout

What does it mean that someone from Burlington Northern and Sante Fe Railroad's offices in Texas visited The Green Room like ten times yesterday?

Do you think they like my post?

Do you think they want to hire me? I'm always looking for new clients, y'all. I'd totally work for them, even if I did just vote to sock them with a $5M judgment. Well, technically, the BNSF share was only $4.25M. But still.

It's more likely that they hate my post. I'm guessing that they're trying to find a way to protect their bottom line.

But in a perfect world, losing that case would cause them to really look closely at what went wrong on the day that Scott Eskew was killed by a BNSF train, and figure out what they could do to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Even if they feel that they do not own 100 of the liability for negligence--and even the jury didn't assign them 100 percent--if they are honest with themselves, they will at least own some of it. And the portion of responsibility that they own should translate into changes.

I have an idea: they could hire one of Deratany's experts to consult with them on how to make changes at the Berwyn station that would reduce the likelihood of another tragedy. Or they can take a hard look at their Train Bible and decide if there's room for one more section that deals with communication about track switching.

Something. Anything. So that another Heidi does not lose another Scott.

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