Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meta-Poll Seeks Voters

By the way, don't forget to vote in my meta-poll in the sidebar.

The results of the last poll, which asked if Sarah Palin would help or hurt John McCain's chances: Voters were almost evenly divided, with 52 percent saying she'd help him and 48 percent predicting that she'd hurt him.

I think after a brief bump, she hurt him. If McCain had picked someone with more experience and more moderation, he would still have kept his more conservative supporters (who would not have voted for Obama even if he really did walk on water); and he would not have alienated the undecideds and others who found her to be, to put it kindly, not quite ready for prime-time.

Anyway, thanks for voting.


The Little League Coach said...

On another subject. As the "president" of my company I am often contacted because people think I have some money.

The other day I was advised to:

1. Sell all my stocks at a loss so that I could have a long-term capital gain offset because capital gains taxes would be going up.

2. Buy tax-free muni's and bonds that are non-taxable with the proceeds from the sale.

Therefore taking all money I have for investment in growth and improving the economy and socking it away in bonds. Not creating any jobs and not paying any more in taxes.

Of course, if I were in the upper middle class I would be getting hammered in the next few years, but then, the upper middle class are only the ones that own the businesses that hire new employees.

Bottom line, the rich will pay the same or less in taxes, the upper middle class will get hammered, and the lower middle class down will get free handouts.

All the while, no new jobs created and no growth, in fact, the stock market is predicting the future now by falling another 1000 points. They are truly the leading indicators.

E. Peevie said...

Coach, I'm sorry you are among those who feel a sense of doom and foreboding about our economic future. I guess only time will tell.

One thing is for sure: our new president has inherited a big huge mess in many areas.