Wednesday, March 19, 2008

M. Peevie Finds A Challenge

Hi. I'm M. Peevie. I'm seven. I wrote about what it's like to be seven a few months ago, but now I'm going to tell you about my book club.

My mom thinks my school work is too easy. She said, "M. Peevie, is it easy?" and I said, "Yes!" very cheerful.

Then mom said, "M. Peevie, are you bored?" and I smelled a trick! I said, "No! No, I am NOT bored. I like it when my work is easy, because then I get to play more!"

But even though I explained that I was NOT bored, my mom thinks I need to be challenged, which means that I need more harder work to do, and so she told my teacher Mrs. K. to give me more challenge. After one week, I told my mom, "Mom, Mrs. K. is not giving me enough challenge at school," and so my mom had another talk with Mrs. K.

After that I got to go to see Mrs. Sheets for a special reading class, but guess what? My mom is still not a happy camper. When I told my mom that I got sent away from my special reading class because I could not find my Curious George coloring sheet, my mom made a very mad "Grrr" sound, and then I knew that there would be trouble. I think my mom had a tiny alter-kayshun, which means fight, with Mrs. Sheets about those darn sheets. I don't know why she doesn't like coloring sheets, but that woman is on The Rampage.

And now we have a whole new way for me to get a challenge! My neighbor KT came up with a great idea for a book club for us girls. We get to read books and talk about them and do a craft together, only my mom thinks the craft idea is not going to fly. I do not know why it needs to fly, but sometimes that woman gets confused.

So anyway, we have Mabz, Lala, Tres, and me, M. Peevie, in our excellent book club with probably no crafts. At our first meeting we played a fun game that KT found out about. It was like Hot Potato, only different. We sat in a circle and passed around a piece of dress-up clothing while one person read the back of a Junie B. Jones book. Then when the reading was done, the person holding the clothing had to put it on! KT had to wear a purple tutu on her head!

After we read about all the Junie B. Jones books, we picked out Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl. We all love to read about the wacky things that girl gets into. Our first book club assignment was to read the first five chapters, and put sticky notes in places that we really liked, that we didn't like, that we didn't understand, and that were funny. We don't even have to use words, just smiley/grumpy/confused/laughing faces on the sticky note. This was KT's idea, and my mom thinks she is a phenom. That means she's really great.

I will let you know how my book club goes. We are going to meet today. I sure hope we get to do a craft.

As Tigger says, TTFN.

M. Peevie


Anonymous said...

OOPS Dummy KT forgot the craft. Sorry, M. Peevie, we will have one next time---for sure!
I am glad you are enjoying the club. I sure enjoyed hearing you read today. Your mom is right, you are one excellent reader!
Happy Reading.

E. Peevie said...

KT--Thank you very much! Mabz is a very good reader, too. I am sure glad that you thought up this book club. Are you for real about the craft? Yay.

Love, M. Peevie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JUNIE B. JONES. I'd like to be a book club observer sometime... or maybe I could bring treats after all of the hard work! J-RO

E. Peevie said...

J-Ro, We'd love to have you visit, and you know we'd never turn down treats. E. P.