Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Next Isaac Asimov

Here's what A. Peevie wrote in his third grade journal:

"If I was elected to be the president, I would make the food lower prises and I would make everything in stores have lower prises and I would give pore people money."

Maybe that actually makes him a socialist. Whatever. I love that he has compassion for pore people.

And here's a little science fiction from the next Isaac Asimov (you read it here first):

"Here's our hero in space blowing up alien ships and planting apple seeds on diffrent planets. He is a good man. He has too blow up planet Zorgan before they unplant the seeds, and the Zorgan captain is Lallea Lorgoe. He is the leader of all Zorganes. Captain Appleseed beat Captain Zorgo ones, but he is back. Don don don."


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